Terms and Conditions for Posting Job and Casting Notices to BreakALegBootcamp.com

Individual or Organization Posting a Job or Casting Notice to BreakALegBootcamp.com Agrees to the Following:

BreakALegBootcamp.com Reserves the Right to:

– Post and/or remove any job or casting notice at its own discretion; in such a situation, the client posting the notice will receive a full refund.

– Make necessary technical or grammatical edits.

All job and casting notices will remain pending until reviewed by a BreakALegBootcamp.com staff member. Submitted notices will be posted within 2 business days.

Job notices that will not be accepted:

– Any notices where we are unable contact the poster via email or phone.

– Adult Films, DVDs or Websites.

– Projects that require the actors to pay a fee to audition or participate. (Established Non-Profit, dues-paying theatre companies may be exempted).

– Projects that require the actor to register, create a profile and/or submit through another online database or website. (Online registration forms for Reality TV or game shows exempted.)


As per the United States Department and Labor’s Fair Labor Standards Fact Sheet #71 a six-point test that must be satisfied completely by private sector employers before an internship is considered legal, including:

– The internship must be similar to training that would be given in an educational environment

– The internship experience must be for the benefit of the intern

– The intern must not displace regular employees

– The employer must derive no immediate advantage from the activities of the intern; in fact, its operations may actually be impeded on occasion.